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Elite 550 + Premium Universal Wire-in Harness Kit (5.0m)

Elite 550 + Premium Universal Wire-in Harness Kit (5.0m)

SKU: HT-150405
R17 685,00Price
LENGTH: 5.0m (16')
OUTPUTS: Up to 4 injector and 4 ignition.
SUITS: Universal 1-8 cylinder or 2 rotor applications.
INCLUDES: Elite 550 ECU, Premium universal wire-in harness. firewall grommet, moulded 6 power circuit Haltech fuse box and lid. 2 relays, 4 fuses and pins for the 4 spare power circuits. Waterproof USB cap, USB programming cable and software CD.
NOTES: Haltech's entry level, single connector ECU Kit. Ideal for basic 4 cylinder or 2 rotor engine applications and basic EFI conversions.

    Ideal for dedicated race cars, engine swaps and custom wiring jobs. The Universal Wire-in Harness has a set of ECU connectors at one end and unterminated wires at the other . All the wires at the unterminated end are colour coded and clearly labelled. Connect your Haltech ECU to the terminated end and follow your wiring diagram for all the engine connections. Load your base map and you're ready to go!
    • Colour coded and labelled wires that match the detailed wiring diagram for a confusion free construction process.
    • The wiring diagram is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the CD or USB key provided with the ECU to refer to while completing your installation and configuration.
    The Elite 550 is a simple yet powerful ECU ideal for basic 4 to 8 cylinder or 1-2 rotor engine applications. Suitable for either naturally aspirated or forced induction engines the Elite 550 gives you full control over fuel delivery, ignition timing and boost levels. This robust, competitively priced ECU features an environmentally sealed, waterproof case, 4 fuel and 4 ignition channels and a 3 BAR internal MAP sensor. Alongside the Elite 550 ECU is the Elite Software Programmer (ESP) that brings levels of functionality and user friendliness never seen before in an engine control package. Together they offer true cutting edge technology to tuners and performance enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Supports 1 to 8 Cylinder engines
    • 1 to 2 Rotor engines
    • Normally aspirated or forced induction
    • Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow (MAF)
    • Sequential, semi sequential, batch or multipoint injection patterns
    • Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems
    • Connect to a wide range of display dashes and expansion devices via CAN.
    • Waterproof case (IP67) (with USB cover fitted)
    • 34 position AMP connector
    • 4 x Fuel Injection Outputs (peak and hold (0-8A peak / 0-2A hold)
    • 4 x Ignition Outputs
    • 2 x Dedicated Engine Position inputs with extensive trigger type support
    • 1 x Digital Pulsed Input
    • 5 x Digital Pulsed Outputs
    • 1 x Analogue Voltage Input
    • 3 x Dedicated Inputs (Throttle Position, Coolant Temperature & Air Temperature)
    • Internal 3Bar MAP sensor rated up to 200kPa of boost (2Bar/29psi)
    • Up to 33 channels of Input & Output (I/O) expansion (via CAN)
    • USB Laptop Communication (Windows)
    • ESP Calibration Software - Intuitive and easy to use



    • This harness when installed in conjunction with a Haltech Elite ECU opens the door to virtually limitless performance modification and tuning of your vehicle.
    • Fully programmable systems allow you to extract all the performance from your engine by delivering precisely the required amount of fuel and ignition timing that your engine requires for maximum output under all operating conditions. 
    • Low Impedance Injector control with Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents
    • Closed Loop O2 Control - for precise tuning (With optional external CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit).
    • Closed Loop Idle Speed Control - requires 1 or 2 user defined outputs (BAC type)
    • Laptop data logging -Data log all available channels directly to your laptops hard drive for both tuning and diagnostics
    • CAN Bus communication for Haltech Dashes and expansion devices or OBDII (view live engine data & set and clear diagnostic trouble codes)
    • 2 Injection Stages for use with Rotary Engines
    • ECU comes fully enabled, no additional charges for advanced features.
    • Tuning Table Resolution up to 32 x 16
    • Limitless tuning flexibility -Tune your engine by a combination of 3D tuning tables combined with 3D per cylinder compensations and multiple user definable corrections
    • tune by a combination of manifold pressure, throttle position, cam position, ethanol content, gear, road speed, race time, EGT, shock travel, ride height or any channel for ultimate flexibility - Dual mapping is a thing of the past.
    • Per Cylinder Tuning Correction - 3D
    • Wideband O2 - Connect up to 2 Channels via CAN expansion devices
    • Thermocouples/EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) - Connect up to 12 Channels via external CAN expansion devices
    • Boost Control -Intelligent 3D Open loop, with flexible user definable axis and 6 fully user definable corrections
    • modes - example boost by gear, road speed etc.
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